In ACCUMALUX, we are fully aware that a good and healthy company cannot be focused only on productivity and profitability, but should also always keep in mind environmental, social and ethic issues in all its activities and for all its customers, employees and other stakeholders. This is why ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are fundamental concepts in ACCUMALUX.

Green Attitude.

Sustainability plays an integral role a ACCUMALUX. In the manufacturing of our products, in the management of our production sites and offices, in the daily work of our employees... Environmental questions are always at the heart of our concerns.

ACCUMALUX implemented a wide range of rules and good practices to improve its environmental impact:

Reduction of paper use icon

Reduction of paper use

Promotion of digital documents
Use of recycled paper
Implementation of EDI
Electronic signature

Energy saving icon

Energy saving

Installation of new machines with lower consumption
LEDs in our lightning systems
Installation of photovoltaic panels

Eco-mobility icon


Promotion of carpooling
Fostering of public transport
Online meeting when possible

Raw material saving icon

Raw material saving

Reuse of own scrapped materials
Promotion of recycled plastic to our customers
Reduction of supply distances

ISO SDK Certification
Accumalux Social Illustration

Social and Ethic Behaviour.

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

Our activities, our products, our quality and our success are only made possible with our people. ACCUMALUX considers each collaborator, each partner or each customer as unique, always acting with the same level of respect, tolerance, caring and dedication.

Teamwork icon

Teamwork & Belonging

Involving people and make them feel important for the company.
Encourage mutual trust at every level of the organization.

Fairness icon

Fairness & Integrity

Treating all team members equally, never exercising power arbitrarily.
Honouring commitments.
Complying with policies.

Respect icon

Respect & Diversity

Applying the same standards to everyone, regardless of rank, origin or gender
Respect of human rights, dignity and privacy of all personnel.

Care icon

Care & Wellbeing

Treating people with concern for their wellbeing, development and continuous improvement.
Offering safe, healthy and pleasant workplaces.