Flex on Heavy Duty.

Accumalux designs and produces a wide range of SLI Truck battery sets. Certified IATF 16949:2016, we aim to provide high-end products in accordance with the highest quality standards of the automotive industry.


ABC Boxes

Containers types A, B and C for SLI Heavy Duty batteries

Patented new flexible ribs allowing easier and safer installation of the cell elements
Standard or reduced box height available for Kamina lids and for flat lids


ABC Kamina Lids

Kamina lids types A, B and C for SLI Heavy Duty batteries

Available with patented 4K system for advanced protection against backfire
With standard M18 or AGM/VRLA M18 vent plugs


ABC Flat Lids

Standard flat lids types A, B an C for SLI Heavy Duty batteries

To be used with M27 vent plugs


MAC Boxes & Lids

MAC sets for SLI automotive batteries

Available versions: MAC 110, MAC 140