Sustain and Secure.

Accumalux designs and produces a wide range of containers and lids for Reserve Power batteries. In addition to the standard OPzS and OPzV battery sets, Accumalux also provides customer-specific products and value-added services as pad printing. Our stationary products reply to the highest quality and safety standards of our customers.


OPzS Boxes & Lids

Containers and lids for OPzS batteries

Containers in transparent SAN compatible with our innovative lids with unique clip system
Available versions: 4 OPzS 200 to 16 OPzS 2000


OPzV Boxes & Lids

Containers and lids for OPzV batteries

Containers in grey ABS
Available versions: 4 OPzV 200 to 16 OPzV 2000